Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little Ostara for my friends!  Enjoy the awakening of Mother Earth and the warmer weather!
This morning as I sit here, I can hear the birds chirping and it is a delightful sound!  So soothing and warm feeling. 
May the God & Goddess bless and keep you all in thier loving arms as the weather gets warmer, the new baby animals are born and as you celebrate on this wonderful weekend!
I, on the other hand, will be working however I plan on taking my camera out on Monday and shooting some pictures of Spring Life here in the smelly city! 
If you stitch or know someone who does, I would love you to share your finish of this simple little chart. 
Blessed Be!


Anonymous said...

I used to cross stitch years ago and absolutely loved it. After having my son and losing lots of free time, I "put it down". But now he's in school and your blog is inspiring me to "pick it back up". Thank you.

Happy Ostara to you.

Dede said...

I hope that you had a Blessed Ostara! The stitching is so pretty, it so says Spring. Wishing you a wonderful week! Looking forward to seeing your pictures!