Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Pagan Enough

Project Pagan Enough is a movement created by Fire Lyte at Inciting a Riot. The movement is about being tolerant of all faiths but especially other pagans! I can't remember how many times I have came across a pagan, witch, or Wiccan that was so eclectic that they had patron gods from several different pantheons and claimed they practiced a form of Italian-Eyptian-Kabbalah-fill-in-another-random-tradition witchcraft, but as soon as you mention the word "Christian" they launch into a rant and hatefest that makes you cringe. Or there is the situation where the person is a Traditional Witch and launches into a rant and hatefest about how the so called fluffy bunny Silver Ravenwolf follower isn't practicing real witchcraft. And then there's the ritual magician practioner who claims kitchen witches and folk magick are useless and a joke. He foams at the mouth because you spell magick with a "k." You get the idea.

The point is we are all pagan enough!
Here are the promises that I am making by displaying the Project Pagan Enough button on my blog:

1.You are pagan enough, despite how you look, act, smell, dress, believe, or are.

2.You recognize that others are pagan enough despite their appearance, smell, manner of dress, belief, practice, or other aspect.

3.You recognize that you can have an academic debate on the finer points of belief or practice, but that it does not take away from someone else's level of being pagan.

4.You welcome, befriend, and encourage others in the pagan community despite their appearance, dress, or other physical or superficial characteristic.

5.You promise to treat members of other faiths, despite the faith, with honest-to-goodness fairness, equality, and grace, not judging them or their faith based on the actions of fringe members of their same faith.

I strongly encourage all of you to make the promises and display the button on your blog or website!

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Mel said...

A lovely little project. I will see if I can also find a spot for it on my blog Sherry.