Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th's lifes blessings

I am blessed to have parents that have been together for over 48 years, proving to me that true love knows no bounds, not to mention actually exists.  They raised us to be our own people, brought us up in the Anglican church but did not discourge us from making our own choices as we got older. They taught us to use our heads for more than just a place to put the curling iron!  They gave us roots and wings, and for that I thank them.  I have never seen true love like theirs with the exception of my grandparents and my sister's marriages.

I am blessed to have 2 sister that are both beautiful, smart and amazing women who both should have been born before me as they are more mature and far more responsible.  I was horrible to them growing up and for that I am dreadfully sorry for the pain, torture and anguish I put them through.  I love you both more than I can say.  They have blessed me with 8 neices and nephews who are each a pleasure to know and I miss them and think of them a lot.  They each have such great gifts of their own.

I guess today's blessings are all about my family and that is a wonderful realization.  I didn't start out to write this, however I have decided to let Goddess guide my hands as I type and I am speaking directly from my heart.  It is easier to put it on my blog for the whole world to see, than it is to say it all to them.

Goddess please protect my loved ones from any and all harm!  Blessed Be!

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By Way of Salem said...

Hi Sherry - a lovely post. Family is so important. And we all torture our brothers and sisters! LOL! That's part of the deal! HAHA! You sound like a great person and I'm sure they totally appreciate you! I need some Goddess blessings myself these days. Glad I stopped on by your blog. I feel better:) Take care, Jeannine (BWOS)