Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March

Well this is the last day of March and it is getting beautiful outside! YEAH I can feel spring in the air, love the tweeting birds in the morning!
I went to Zellers today to get a couple new tops for work, that I have not spilt on yet LOL and they had a patio table 4 chairs and umbrella on sale $100.00 off FOR TODAY ONLY
So I dug into my savings and bought it!  so now we have a place to sit outside and I can invite the parents over for coffee in my back yard!! 
They do not like cats and Dad is allergic so this way we can have a nice visit without him suffering.
Fran and I can kick back and relax as well.
Now to get the boy to build them and the swing we bought a while back too!
Awwwwwwwwww Spring and Summer in my backyard WOOT WOOT!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE my backyard too. The squirrels and birds, the flowers, watching Littleman run and play. Smelling the fresh air (and the grill cookin). Family, friends and laughter. Does it get any better!

Dede said...

Good for you Sherry! I love spending my time out in our yard. Mama was over yesterday and I was hanging clothes out on the line, she thought it was so quiet and peaceful. Just us and the critters. Enjoy your time outside in your yard.