Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reading an AWESOME Book!

I have not read anything good since I read the last of the True Blood books I bought, WOW a friend at work gave me this book to read and OMG it is amazing! 
Hot sex, vampires everything a girl wants in a book!!  even Were's LOL


Tammy said...

m going to check it out, I just finished the last song by John Sparks. It was good but I am do for a book that does not make me cry.

Vicky said...

Going to check it out and see if my library has it - I need to fill in my time some how until the next True Blood Book LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to have to read this one! Right now I'm reading the Friday Night Knitting Club series and it's great.

Mel said...

Will have to check this out Sherry. Thanks for the recommendation.

If you like Charlaine Harris, have you tried MaryJanice Davidson, or for something darker Laurell K. Hamilton.

Email me if you want a description or list of vamp books I've read. I love them!

(and I love that I have another one to add to my wishlist!)