Saturday, April 03, 2010

yesterday was so nice between sleeps my other 2 house mates helped in building the table and chairs for the back yard.  Turns out the guy that lives in apartment 3 has a small table too so it is like a little cafe in my backyard, the swing still has to be built and that is going to be MY baby!! lol can't wait to lay out under the canopy and nap in the afternoon sun
ok it is true I detest daytime but to lay under the canopy so the sun light isn't totally touching me just sounds so peaceful!
Adam said he is going to work on our little gardens out back so I am getting so stoked for an amazing summer in my new back yard!!!
pictures to follow IF my computer ever lets me upload the damn things, almost time to get a new camera, sadly!!

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Dede said...

Sounds like you have the backyard all planned out. You are so going to love spending time outdoors. Check the cord on your camera, when mine starting acting funky, it was the cord.