Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon Weekend of fun!

Is there anything better in this world than sitting outside under a big bright moon around a fire?  Yes doing it with people you love!  Fran and I went to Shannon's this weekend, picked up Jenni on the way, got there and met another of their old friends Amanda who was a very interesting person!
In a short time of actually knowing them, (I have heard about them all for sometime now), I have grown to love Jenni, Shan and their families very much.
I feel so at home there, since the 3 of us share a lot of the same aspects of our own mental illness' it is funny to watch Fran as the 3, this time 4 of us all talking at once and interupting each other and then laughing. 
If I haven't mentioned in a while, Fran is the BEST!
We 4 witches sat around and enjoyed the night air, the fire and the burning of sage, sweetgrass and lavender in Fran's new/used brass/copper caldron washing away the negative spots on our bodies with the smoke and enjoying each other's company.  I listened to the 4 old friends talk about their lives growing up together and the problems they encountered and the fun and pain they shared, it was wonderful.
We went Sunday morning into Barrie to meet up with Fran's friend Liz, well she sort of helped in raising her so she wanted us all to meet her and her husband and 2 grandchildren.  I met Liz on our last visit when I took Fran to see her but knew she had stuff  to discuss so I waited in the truck lol Liz wasn't pleased with that but understood Fran needed to talk to her personally at that time, anyway, Fran had decided to treat everyone to a wonderful brunch HOWEVER LOL Liz beat her too it and had told them NOT to accept Fran's money LOL it was so funny.  I almost cried when we left, Liz hugged me and thanked me for bringing 'her girl' and I was just so happy I could do that for them both.
I never want to leave when it is time to go, I love them all and they make me feel normal and loved, but at least I get to bring Fran home and I have the benefit of her friendship at home and sadly they have to wait until next time she goes, or we go and that makes me sad because they are such good sisters... I am new to the group but wow have they ever made me feel like I belong and have been apart of their lives for many years.  It is like I have found a place my soul just feels comfortable.  Not to mention, for the most part we all understand how the other feels due to each of us have very similar mental illness.
We are Sisters, Witches and Friends!!!
We will never be lonely when we have each other in our lives~~~


Anonymous said...

I was a member of a coven for 2 years before moving....I miss those nights with my Witches, sitting before the fire under the light of the moon.

Now I sit with my hubby, but it's just not the same.

Dede said...

Oh Sherry sounds like an awesome time! You so needed to do this! I do miss this time, most of my sisters have moved away, to far to make it a weekend trip. Wishing you get to make another trip real soon!