Monday, July 05, 2010

WARNING! Another Deep Funk

All the boys have Graduated, Ashley (Joe's girl) is off to Glider camp it is a very hot early summer and me, well I could just stay in bed and sleep and never get up. 
My meds are fine, my life is going okay but for some reason I feel low and on the edge. 
I know this is when I am suppose to go out and walk but it's too effing hot for that. I just want to crawl into a cave and not come out. 
I am in a I don't care funk, don't care if I eat, shower, brush my hair play my games on FB or even read/crochet/knit or stitch.
My mind is racing and looking for an answer but I find nothing.  I feel like my age is catching up for the first time I wish I never dyed my hair, never grew my nails, never did anything.

I had a GREAT time with a friend I haven't seen in the better part of 30 years and really enjoyed our hours of conversation but as soon as I came home, I lapsed into the pit again. 
I hope this doesn't last!
I am going to go out and commune with nature tonight, once the sun God has moved on it could be I really need to be in nature right now, wish I had the guts to run through the trees naked, however that could be blinding to anyone who saw me, not to mention could get me arrested here in the city LOL.

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Dede said...

Sherry you have got to get outdoors, I do KNOW it is hot, it's been over 95 with storms for almost three weeks. So not only is it hot, it is humid too. I try to get out in the mornings, when it's not raining. I have been in that funk and it is no fun. So I am giving you a gentle kick in the backside, get moving. Wishing you a defunked week!