Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Do you have a connection, link with anyone??

Today I feel a little better. 
Didn't end up going to the woods in the park last night, thought it might be a bit dangerous alone. 
However Fran gave me shit for something I deserved, and I feel better LOL  We have a scary link sometimes and yesterday's funk could have been from her being pissed off for making her worry the day before.  After we talked this morning I was fine, go figure!  And the strange get stranger lol
So here is to a new week and a new outlook
I AM going to make it to the woods this weekend on my time off, going to hangout with my camera near the water and ask the Gods to at least have a breeze blowing!
I have started crocheting a baby blanket, knitted up the back of a baby sweater and started a front for 2 special people at work and last night I started stitching up this lovely litte pattern I will scan it when I finish it because as of now I am off to bed, have to work tonight!

~~May Goddess bless you with Love and Light in your travels today and everyday~~

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Dede said...

So glad that a new day has brought you out of your funk! You have been busy with all of that crocheting. A breeze is always welcome. Wishing you a tranquil time in the woods this weekend!