Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cooking and cooking OH MY!

My friends will tell you, I HATE to cook!  I would rather NOT eat than cook!  I taught my kids to cook so I wouldn't have to when I got older, of course I thought I would be married and would just make reservations at this stage since we would have been married for over 20 years although happily divorced I have spent way to much money on ordering out, drive thru's not to mention going out to eat.
Well my friend Faith and I have decided to quit smoking and quit eating junk, and it is working.  I have started cooking all my meals, spending as much thanks to the price of organic foods, however I am loosing weight and I have not smoked in over a week now.
I need more recipes for healthy crock pot recipes if anyone has them.  With working my hours crock pot is the best way to go.
This weekend should have been spent with family and friends eating turkey and being stuffed, however my oldest is MIA my youngest spent it all with his girl friends family and I slept and cooked for the week. 
Faith and I were suppose to go up north however we couldn't afford to go and I miss my witchy sisters so much! 
I hope my Mom, Dad and Sisters had a great Thanksgiving I thought of them almost called but really feeling very down and didn't want to kill anyone else's thanskgiving than my own.


Vicky said...

Check this blog out for Crockpot recipes, I have made a few from here...

BeMistified said...

Yay! Congrats to you! I don't like cooking either, but I am glad you are making it work. =)