Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Again, Truck is in the Shop

My truck has been overheating and soooooo after a 20 minute drive took me over 2.5 hours last night because I had to stop and let the car cool down before I could go farther I decided to take her back into the shop.  Called first thing this morning and Craig said to bring it in when Jay was in... So SORRY Jay!  I did try to bring it in during the day because Jay doesn't have access to parts at night so all he can do is attempt to diagnose what is wrong.  More than likely it is the Head Gasket and a lot of MONEY!
Looks like Yule is cancelled in my house due to no money for it, waiting for news tomorrow good thing I don't work until Wednesday.  OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEGGY!!!!  my lovely dear friend is 51 today!  We almost lost her to lung cancer a few years back, however she is still alive, stronger and still smoking... well at least she is still alive.
I love you my dear friend!!

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Dede said...

Hoping that it gets fixed soon for you!