Thursday, November 04, 2010


Well happy November Blogger world!  It is crisp and cool yet warm enough in the office to still wear my berks!  So happy!
I think this weekend I am going to go out and take some pictures of the beautiful fall colours around the city and just outside of it.
I am still smoke free, however it seems by stopping smoking it has effected the way my medications for my depression and anxiety, and/or it is menopause!
So many changes at work these days never know what I am going to walk into, but it is suppose to be for the betterment of the company... we will see...

May Goddess keep you safe in her arms and help you in your day to day life, just remember to thank her and to give her your love ~~<@

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Dede said...

The weather here has finally cooled off. Todays high is supposed to be 69 with a low of 38. A big drop considering this week it has been in the 80's. Not to much change of color here yet, still waiting. Wishing you a positive day!