Friday, November 19, 2010

Horrible Day

Today was a day I never want to repeat!  I cried again almost all day.  Someone talked to me at work I cried, Faith spoke to me I cried, someone said 'Hello' I cried!  I was the freakin' waterworks for the whole damn place!  Then there were all the little panic attacks, just mini's but still I must have had 20 or so.  Just horrible horrible day!  I am glad I have the next couple of days off, tomorrow (other than driving Faith to and from work) I am going to have a cleansing ritual, going to make things more positive!  Saturday is going to be stitching and sleeping A LOT!!  Sunday is going to be going to a full moon ritual at the beach, then to Moot!  I will be going with Nona and Nada always a good time with those ladies!

Blessed Be my friends, Blessed Be!

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