Monday, November 29, 2010

Start of week Update

Looks like it will be the end of the week before the Truck comes home, Possibly! 
Have to find a ride to and from work and it isn't like I work normal freaking hours UGH 3:20PM-2AM Tuesday, and 3:30PM-2:30AM Wednesday - Saturday.

Missed my bus for my new Doctor appointment this morning because I was dealing with my bank and the fact they cashed a cheque twice on me!  So now that is moved to next Monday. 

Just gets better and better I tell ya!

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Dede said...

The good thing is they will only have your truck for a week. Maybe someone that works your schedule would be willing to share a ride those days. The guys that George works with all share a ride to and from work everyday. So glad that you were able to reschedule your doctors appointment for next week and you didn't have to wait months.