Sunday, November 28, 2010

Broken Down Truck

Well she finally died... Had to get the truck towed to the garage and they have no choice, the head gasket has to be done.  Can't wait until Monday so I know more about what is going on.  Just wish I had done my Yule shopping early like I did last year SHIT!!

Things happen for a reason, and I am sure Goddess is going to let me know the reason soon.  I trust that there is a lesson in this for me and I will soon figure it out... OH don't leave things to the last minute!!

Ok, so next year I will do the shopping and wrapping early and not be panicing at the beginning of December with a lot of bills and a head gasket to pay for, luckily my garage takes payments or I would be truly screwed!

Peace and Love my friends, live life to the fullest as it could be your last day on any given day...

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Dede said...

So sorry to hear your truck is still not running right. Oh how I know about leaving things to the last minute. I do think I work best under pressure. Sure hope that you get your truck back soon.