Monday, December 20, 2010

Blessed Yule! Winter Solstice 2010

Sadly, I will be working on Yule, so to all my friends in the Pagan/Wiccan communities bring back the Sun King my friends! 
Tuesday December 21st marks our Winter Solstice along with our celebration of Yule.  It is the turning of our Wheel of the Year and it is the shortest day of the year, official start of Winter and this year even more special this Winter Solstice 2010 will also have a Total Lunar Eclipse with a Red Moon or a Pink Copper Moon.  Could this be a prophetic sign of something to come? The last one was in 1638.

I love the following article on making a yule log, I am making one next year!  I have no idea where I will burn it but I have the need to make one!

Creating your own Yule Log

November 28th, 2010  Lore

Sorry about that! I had been so wrapped up in my work that had I completely forgot and let the domain name expire! It wasnt until I got the “Well are you gonna renew, or not?” notice before I realized “Oh no!”
Yule is right around the corner! Do you believe it? How many of you are making a Yule Log? It never quite seems like Yule time until I’m sitting on the floor of my living room sticking paper, herbs and flowers to my yule log.
So, lets talk about Yule logs!
So, what exactly is a Yule log, and how do you make a Yule log? (All of you seasoned witches out there can just skip this next part)  Well I’ll tell you. In my family creation of a Yule log is somwhat like a new years resolution in a way. We put all of our hopes, dreams and aspirations onto our Yule log for the new year by attaching herbs, flowers, candles and handwritten spells . Making Yule logs, in my opinion, is the most enjoyable of all of the sabbat workings. A Yule log is a simple log, either completely round or a good workable chunk of wood. Now the type of wood is completely up to you and what would best fit in with your particular working. (Make sure your log is very dry! You might need to keep it in the house a few days before you begin your working.)
Ash for Health
Oak for Wisdom
Pine for Prosperity
Cedar for Positive Energy
Apple for Love
Birch for starting over and new beginings.
Once you have chosen your log, now its time to dress it.
Again, it is up to you how you would like to attach your objects to your log. Some good options are twine, colored ribbon and melted candle wax makes a good adhesive. Some witches even use a glue gun, although it is an option, its not my choice. I really dont want to smell glue as it burns. But hey, if you like it go right ahead!
As for objects: Pinecones are very traditional for the season as well as holly. These are some options you might want to attach to your log.
The following is an example of how I generally make mine. Feel free to use it as a guide if you are making one for the first time.
1) I usually choose a round, foot long (or so), 3-4 in diameter piece of Birch.  I choose Birch because I’m fond of starting off the new year fresh. (Again, any size any wood you like)
2) I like to use colored ribbon to symbolize my working, along with candles of the same color. If you are unsure of the color you think would work best, go here Spellcrafting . Astrology colors can be used as well if you don’t particuarly have anything in mind this year. For this example, this year I’m going to use white ribbons and candles for cleansing and new beginings.
3)The objects I will be working with is: roses as a symbol of love because I wish to love myself more. Daisies for purity and rebirth and of course Holly for happiness and a symbol for this year. I will also be attaching pinecones to signify the season. Also feel free to use dried berries and herbs!!! You can also use symbols of your family like paper poppets and write thier name and wish on the poppet, then attach. This is free reign here, use your imagination!
4)Unroll and cut a long piece of white ribbon and being to wrap your objects around your Yule log. I will use melted candle wax to ahere my tealights (you can also use votives or single spell candle shorties).
5) Optional: Write a personal spell on a piece of parchment. Mine will have something to do with a new begining for a fresh new start this year.
6) Create a fire in your fireplace or outside, where ever you will be burning your log. Once the fire is started. Gather your family, or if you are alone, gather yourself. :) Hold your log and take a few moments to visualize all of these things you would like to see in the upcoming year and push these energies into your log. When you are ready, place your Yule log into the fire. (you can light your candles and have them burn for a while before you place your Yule log in) As you had let go of things in the prior year during Samhain, now is the time to share with your family or yourself of the wishes and aspirations you have for the new year.
Merry Yule!

-Andromeda DeArmande )O(
I hope Andromeda does not mind I borrowed her posting, it is wonderful!!!

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Even though you are working have a wonderful Yule and 2011 is will be wonderful :)