Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learning to budget and Cope with Life

Well I took a good hard look at the money I have coming in vs what is going out and what needs to go out.  If it wasn't for contract fees the cell phones would be gone!  I am going to get caught up somehow and learn to budget for emergencies.  Joe is going to have to get a job whatever that may be.  He has been putting out resumes but in this market there is nothing. 
Christmas is going to be me and the kids showing up I HATE not being able to get gifts for people but this year it is what it is.
So I am sorry Mom and Dad, Mike Joey, Ryan and Faith Santa is not coming this year.

Might be able to do Christmas, after Christmas is over that might work.
I just hate this so much it is tearing me up inside and making my anxiety worse.  I called a councillor tonight and talked to her for an hour and they are making me an appointment at a therapist in the city, I should hear in about 48 hours from him.  I know I need to see someone and I need to make an appointment with the yoga place too and learn the breathing techniques to help with my panic attacks too. 
I think this year I am going to have to learn to eat leaner, exercise daily, meditate daily and pray more to Goddess/God/Spirit.


Anonymous said...

We are in a similar spot this year. I'm giving baking to everyone. Muffins, peanut brittle, etc. I have some good cheap recipes if you are interested. Breathing in and out through your nose really helps, depending on the severity of your panic attacks. Mine were never incredibly severe, and it helps for mine. I hope that you get a good therapist!

E-Hugs! ♥

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so anxious and stressed out. That is one of the reasons I loathe Christmas. If it weren't for my Littleman, I would not have it at all. Instead, I try and tune into the energies of Yule (which are quite the opposite of this insanity of Christmas). Best of luck to you in finding a good counsellor, a good one is a lifesaver for sure.