Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thinking of Ending my blog

I started this blog to celebrate my stitching and being wiccan and it has become my place to whine louder than I do on Facebook.  I am deleting my Facebook as of December 31st, 2010 and thinking of deleting all my blogs by January 1st, 2011.
I rarely have anything interesting to talk about and lately just feel like hell.  I never go to my friends and my house is so small I never have anyone over. 
I have much to think about and much to do if I could cancel Yule I would probably do that too.  I want to add what I put as my fb status on here as I know people I know read my blog as well and may not go on fb or haven't got me on their fb.
I am sorry to everyone I ever made angry or feel less than awesome I hope someday you will forgive me and if not now maybe after I have gone I truly am sorry if I was a wasted part of your life or wasted our friendship because you are all truly special and amazing and just want you all to know and believe that in my heart I never meant to be cruel or a burden on or to anyone.


Dede said...

Sherry I am not sure of what happened, going back to read other posts, but don't you dare delete your blog. It is your blog to post whatever you like, when you like. If someone doesn't like it, they don't have to read it or follow it for that matter. We all vent about things in our lives, that's just life, it doesn't always go the way we would like for it to and things happen. I enjoy sharing your day with you, it reminds me that everyone has issues that sometimes seem to pile up. Not to mention the love we share for doctors. LOL I think you need to get outdoors and spend some time. Remember a few months back when you went outside to smoke at work? Look at how good you felt. All work in a tiny space and then inside after work, doesn't do ya much good. Wishing you an outdoor weekend!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Dede. Also, you should never feel that you were a wasted part of someone's life! Every person in our lives is there to guide us or help us, and no matter what none of it was wasted! You are a wonderful person who contributes just as much as anyone else. Don't be down on yourself! A lot of people out there love you.

Vicky said...

I agree with the above comments, but if you do feel that you NEED to shut down your blog, I hope that we can stay in touch via email :)