Friday, January 07, 2011

Aquarius for 2011

Your life is becoming clearer and your personality more independent in 2011, dear Aquarius. There are two strong astrological indications for you becoming more assertive and active this year. For one, dreamy Neptune is exiting your sign (although it won't do so permanently until 2012). This points to the closing chapters on a spiritual quest for meaning - on a period in which you tended to go with the flow. With the exception of the last 2-3 days/degrees of Aquarius, you have passed the Neptune conjunction that acted to soften your disposition - that had you absorbing the moods of those around you to the point that your own temperament was rather changeable. The second indication is your ruler, Uranus, entering the more aggressive, active, and independent sign of Aries in March where it will stay for many years to come. From January to June, excellent opportunities in communications are in your forecast. It's a strong period for studies, writing, and other mental pursuits. More joy can be found in these pursuits, although you can have a tendency to take on more than you can manage at this time, so watch for this! More daily contact with friends is likely now as well. You'll thoroughly enjoy sharing your knowledge and ideas with others, and learning from others as well. You're likely to increase contact with people now, and find it quite pleasant to do so. In June, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, begins its year-long journey through your home and family sector. During this period, you'll be paying more attention to the pleasures and comforts of home. You might be bringing friends to your home more often (entertaining). Some of you will literally expand your residence or property ownership by moving to a new, more spacious residence or acquiring new real estate. Others might find there are new additions to the family. It's a good time for setting right any problems you may have had with family in recent years. You are unlikely to be especially adventurous during this period of your life. Travel for pleasure may not occur at all or may be reduced this year. There is a tendency to stick closer to home in 2011. Many of you will be doing more behind-the-scenes work in your career. 2011 is not a year for big promotions or special interest in career matters (2012 will be!).
Wow this is so all about the things I have already starting to put into process in my life!  I am stunned!

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