Friday, January 28, 2011

End of the Birthday fun

Yesterday, Thursday, January 27th, 2011. I went over to my friends Melanie and Peggy's place for the end of the birthday excitement. It is a tradition that the person celebrating 'wears' cake LOL I will post a picture of my beautiful face covered in GREEN icing it is much like ceremonial war paint LOL
Anyway, I was talking to Mel and she had asked when I was free to come for my b'day dinner and we decided on Thursday.  I got there in the afternoon and got to have a visit with Peg before she left for work and with Jesse and her 2 little boys the baby is so cute he slept most of the visit I like sleeping babies :) Jaclyn was home since she wrote her last exam and was off for the week and Cilla was home packing as her and her fiance are moving this weekend.  After school Brandon, the youngest of their 6 children, came in and saw me before I saw him and he screamed 'SHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY' and ran and gave me a huge hug then realized oh no, spaghetti for dinner LMAO!!! My favorite! Then remembered it was his hockey game night and it was then Sherry are you going to my game???  LMAO of course I would be going, not to miss that, I still remember when he was just starting out he was so tiny and cute, I am not sure HOW he got to be 13, starting highschool next year and his voice is dropping now.  He is so funny I was in tears laughing with the kids for most of my visit. 
Ok here is the "Beautiful" picture of me with my birthday cake... Enjoy, I know I did there is nothing better than friends you have known for 20 yrs and even though you may not see each other that often, it is always family when we get together.


Anonymous said...

How fun! Glad to hear you had a happy birthday with loved ones!

BeMistified said...

OMG that is totally awesome! And it's green! Oh and guess what? You have been given an award! Accept your award here!