Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on my Leave of Absence from Work

Quick Update on my LOA

I have joined a Qiong exercise class - starts next Thursday YEAH!

Yoga is NOT as easy as I thought it would be

Tomorrow I call councillors to set up appointments and find out if my insurance covers shrinks.

My oldest has been diagnosed Bipolar, I hate to say I knew it, but I did.  It raises questions about my sheer mania of the last few months, could I be bipolar too?

Going to try Sunlight therapy next week tanning beds lol  I will feel better, always have when tanned and what a good way to start sunlight therapy in the winter and have a base tan come summer.

I have designed my first design of 2011 and am stitching it for therapy.

I am reading the book on meditation and it is more involved than I thought it would be too.

I can't see me being ready to return to work for February 3rd maybe the beginning of March.

Depression, anxiety, mania what more?  Hopefully NOTHING!! All of this is more work than my job UGH!


Anonymous said...

I have cycothymia (soft bipolar) My father had it, and my sister's daughter has it. It's heredetary and a Psychiatrist looks at behavior over a 2 year period to diagnose it. My diagnosis was such a relief because I felt like my behavior wasn't me, it was an imbalance. It took a lot of my guilt away. The meds were a bit getting used to, but have definitely taken the edge off.

Best of luck with your daughter and your own mental health.

As my therapist told me "There are no awards for martyrs" Thank the Gods I listened to her and got my ass into the Psychiatrists office, because my last meltdown was the worst of them all. Untreated, it does just that....gets worse.

Sunny said...

I agree with you... it's truly hard to deal with depression, anxiety, etc. by itself.

Adding work on top of that is truly enough to send one over the edge.

Nice blog you have here. I love cross stitching, which is how I found you on twitter :)