Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bitter and Brutal! You have been warned!

1st I didn't sleep well last night knowing I was going to see the shrink today, my last experiance there wasn't great the 'woman' doctor told me that I "would be just fine if I found myself a man, a new job, walked 20 min/day, loose 75lbs and quit smoking."

So that being said I was very happy to hear I would be meeting with a male shrink to shrink me. 
It started out fine, he introduced himself was charming and very nice we went up the stairs to the office and GUESS who's office it was???? That's right, the BITCH Dr. from HELL.  When she shook my hand and introduced herself all sweetness and innocence went out the fucking window I said, "Yes we have met before, I saw you 2 years ago and you told me..." see above.  She denied meeting me before or ever saying that to me, but I am not that stupid I remember her and the office we were in.  I was asked to wait outside while they went to the older files to see if they could locate mine from 2 years ago and could not find it and she says my 4 visits before were with Eunice only, I corrected her 3 of my visits were with Eunice only and the 4th was with HERSELF and Eunice!
Since the file was not located, the 3 of us sat down in her office and I answered his questions while she sat there and watched me for a half hour then she too started taking notes.  After another half hour she stopped the meeting and said she would have my file sent to my Doctor and then wants to see me in 2 weeks.
So now, I have to go to my doctor on Friday and ask that he extend my leave for another 2 weeks while we wait to hear what the fucking shrink says based on what I told them 2 years ago!  I am so annoyed incase you couldn't tell!
I am feeling so sick over all of this and although I am NOT ready to get back to work yet, I really need the full pay cheques and the longer I am away the harder it will be for me to return.


Dede said...

Geesh Sherry, seems like a big circle of run around. I do understand you needing to get back to work, the bills do not wait, which leads to stress. Maybe you will sell some of your designs, lots of hits to my blog looking for pagan and wicca designs. I do have a link on the side bar to your selling blog. Wishing your better days!


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you can choose what doctor you see? How in the hell are you expected to heal when the person who is there to help you is someone you don't trust? I would be frustrated too honey.