Thursday, February 24, 2011


I actually asked a guy to come over and watch the race with me on Sunday and offered to cook, which I HATE to do! Of course this was online, however I have known this man since we were teens, he dated my sister and his sister was like a fixture in our house she was my sister's best friend. 
Of course I gave him an out if he needed to take it. 
It is so hard for me to even talk to men even online it is panic attack worthy! 
Dear Goddess HELP me!!

I can flirt with men while speaking to them online even ones I have known for many years, but find it so difficult to even talk to a man live and it person... SAD

I have been told that flirting is an art form and it helps breakdown the emotional barriers.
A book I NEED to read but want to find Flirting after 40 first LMAO!!


Dede said...

Good Morning Sherry! I so hope he takes you up on your offer! Go on, flirt and have fun. Flirting is good for you!


Anonymous said...

I have many issues flirting intentionally. Unfortunately, I flirt unintentionally soooooo much and honestly don't even know I'm doing it until everyone gets redfaced and quiet.

Example: The pizza delivered our pizza last week and didn't have change for 2 twenties (the bill was $21 and I wanted to give him a total of $25 w/tip). After conversing back and forth about how to handle it, he just took 1 twenty and said "don't worry about it'm I'm not" I said "OK, but I'll take care of you the next time you come over". My two neighbors just looked at me and laughed while he turned beet red. Then I turned beet red and said "I MEANT I'LL GIVE YOU A $10 TIP INSTEAD OF A $5 TIP NEXT TIME!" Oy.