Monday, February 07, 2011

Fighting the February Blah's

Ways I am making the February Blah's go away!
  1. Going shopping with Faith that girl can spend like nobody's business and damn she buys the prettiest shoes going! I bought this AMAZING pair of pumps (see picture below) they are EVIL but so pretty there was an awesome sale and also spoke to a runner that was in the store and also got a pair, my first pair, of actual shoes for RUNNING! So guess what I am going to be starting soon! WOOHOO!
  2. Went tanning again, LOVE laying there and feeling the heat and not sweating!
  3. I am reading 'The Happiness Project' and going to start my own after I am done. 
  4. I am looking for magazines to create a Vision Board so I can CREATE more of what I want from my life.
  5. I am taking all this 1 day at a time, and really enjoying it!
  6. Here are the StupidBowl pictures and my pretty yet EVIL shoes...
The wonderful Boyd's Drew (I work with) and his wonderful wife Dee
Lance (I work with) and my BEAUTIFUL best friend and Witchy Sister Faith (who I also work with and live above lol) 
Stunning yet evil shoes!

P.S. Cutting of the hair is happening the end of the month need shorter layers, however it will not be SHORT hair! 
Never again thank you!


Anonymous said...

Woot! Sounds like a blast!

Wendy said...

Oh, I've always wanted to make a "dream board." Do you have any special ways to make one? I'd love to see how yours is coming along and perhaps instructions? I'm glad you have new dreams/ideas for Feb. and on :)