Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yet another new blog LOL

Ok, it seems it is easier for me to record how I am feeling and what I am going through on my blogs so with that being said I have to tell you about this great Idea I found on Facebook for a guy that wrote a book from the 365 thank you notes he had written over a year and how it affected his life.

So is my blog for this project. 
I will be writting thank you notes to people, places and things to the Gods and Goddess, to Spirit, maybe even to my cats or diet coke there will be heart breaking notes, funny notes it is going to be very interesting going down this path.

 I have had a blessed weekend, I went out with Faith last night, with some other friends from work to see an awesome band in St. Catherines, Ontario LOVED IT '5 Days Sober' is a great group of guys who play well together and I am so proud the lead singer and bass guitarest is my friend Will.

Sunday I am going to my first EVER Grammy's party at my friends Rose and Laura's so stoked!! Of course I have to bake my brownies in order to gain access, but that is do able.

Well Nascar is on so by for now!

Ask Goddess to help in making everything you do a wise choice and that it can be given 3 fold as well as received 3 fold

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