Friday, March 25, 2011

April 30th is going to one busy day!

Just going back to work this Thursday March 31st, and have to have April 29th and 30th off for moving UGH!

First we load, help unload Faith's things at her new house she bought.  Then back to my place to move Joe and I down stairs.

Downstairs makes it seem much easier than it actually is.  Have to go down 3 flights of stairs then outside and in through the front or back door.  Or go down 4 flights to the basement and then up a flight of stairs.

Either way it is going to be an exhausting weekend!  But I will be where I want to be and my friend will be in her new home a block and a half away!

Turns out we are going to have help, our friend Jen is coming, both my boys and 1 girl friend, possibly another friend Shannon and my long lost sister Debbie and I think Faith said some other friends of her's are going to help too.  So excited!


Dede said...

You are going to be so happy to get into the other apartment, that one weekend is so worth it. Wishing you an outdoor weekend!


Anonymous said...

You sound so much happier than you have lately. I think this change will do you good. Going back to work, moving into a new place. Lots to look forward to. Enjoy.

Vicky said...

You can feel the positiveness (is that a word LOL) in your blog post. As I said before I am really happy for you :)