Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday stuff

So I have talked to my son, listened to 2 messages from him on my phone DUDE Mom goes back to work this week, remember I have to learn to sleep until 2pm again UGH!!!  He is finally getting his braces off tomorrow and needs a ride, so that is what I am doing tomorrow.  Am suppose to go to my doctor today but just don't have the gas money with having to start work this week I will go later this week. 
I read my favorite blog and now want to create a worry box the one on her blog is fabulous and with work starting this week it is a great way to release the fears and anxieties that are going to start up.
I even think I can do it with items I have here at home so it will not cost me anything Woot Woot!

So I am a little nervous about returning to work this week, but I bought myself a Kwan Yin mini statue for my desk as she seems to be the Goddess that have been coming up in my readings and in my card pulls she has a message for me and I plan on making her my patron diety. 

I can see a nap in my day I am just so tired, didn't sleep well at all, I am excited to see my friends at work, but so not happy about going back to work.  However it is better than disability!  I want the money to start attending a running club.  This isn't something I can do on my own.  Also waiting to hear when my shrink about this DBT therapy group start up it is going to take some arranging with work for the time I am going to be at the hospital for this.

I wish you a blessed week and remember, you are in control of your life, others can effect it but you can always say no!


Anonymous said...

Do you hear me clapping my hands for you? Yay for happiness!

Vicky said...

Hope the first day at work is awesome :)

Dede said...

A worry box would be great for you to do! You are going to have to share pictures when you are finished. It will be good for you to get back to work with you co-workers. Wishing you an awesome weekend!