Thursday, March 03, 2011

Crappy, Depression vs Stupid Insurance Company

looks like my case manager has gone on vacation and will not be back for a week and there is NO ONE taking care of us while she is off, so everything bounces tomorrow since I figured there was still 1 more pay before the new claim would kick in. NOPE!

Why do things like this make me want to slit my wrists with a rusty blade?  because I have no FUCKING control over any of it!!!  Can't even afford to get my doctor to change his mind and let me return to work so I will have a pay coming in again because he won't do it since I am NOT ready grrr

It doesn't pay to be crazy in this world.  I want to jump out in front of a bus but you know what, my ass is so fucking big it would bounce off it!!  OMG I am just typing random stupid shit and crying ok going to bed this is fucked up
I have cancelled my plans well Faiths plans fo rthis weekend we were suppose to go to Toronto for the drumming circle which is very healing and wonderful but even though Faith was paying I can't afford the gas, and we were suppose to go to breakfast with Dee but I have no money so I can't go UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh it is so painful to be in my skin right now UGH!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry honey. I'm a steaming hot mess right now's that time of year (seriously, Spring is CRAZYTIME).