Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looks like I may be moving again

Faith, my friend, just bought a house so that means that apartment on the main floor of the house we rent is going to be available. I want this apartment so much, it is bigger more open spaces, I have already spoken to the landlady that if it ever became available I wanted it.
It is a much bigger layout with a diningroom and large livingroom, however I am giving up a huge kitchen for a tiny one and giving up my dishwasher.  However I will have a LARGE front porch and only 1 set of stairs to bring in groceries and 1 set of stairs to the laundry room and Joe will have his room in the basement which will give him more privacy.
I am excited for my friend and saddened she will no longer be living in the same house as me, but it is for the best.  Hopefully it will help our relationship heal.

Now just to hear if I get the main floor, and I can't say anything to our landlord as she isn't aware of the moving of Faith yet.

Dearest Goddess,
Please help me to know if this move is going to happen in my life and when would be great to know as well.
Your daughter,


Vicky said...

Sending White Light that the apartment becomes yours :)

Diandra said...

Good luck!

Dede said...

How sweet, you have wanted that apartment for some time. Losing a dishwasher is no big deal, I enjoy washing dishes and gazing out the kitchen window. Love you sister!