Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok, let me break this down

Sorry for the last post, I received so many emails asking me to explain what the hell I was talking about I thought I better post a better explanation.

So 2 years ago my Dr. at the time, sent me to see the shrinks because of my out of control anxiety attacks.  After 4 visits they sent him a very thick report.  I was in his office and he said, "so anything in here I need to know?" I said I had no idea what they had said other than I needed to find a job, (was laid off at the time), find a MAN, walk 20 minutes a day and stop smoking and I would be better.  So, he threw out the paperwork from them, right in front of me.  My new Dr. sent me to the shrinks because of my possible manic depression and my social anxiety disorder and he felt that they were the best to check if I was on the correct drugs or not.  So after being re-assessed and him receiving their report, he requested my previous report and there it was I do not have manic depression, I have a mood disorder call a Borderline Personality Disorder which stems from a number of possible things that all directly go back to my childhood, I never dealt with them and so now they are causing major highs and lows and hyper sensitivity, sexuality etc.  When I was with the shrinks last they had suggested I go for this Dialetical Behaviour Therapy and I thought this was going to be a very bad thing, but after reading the latest information on it, it sounds like it is going to be really great.  I will have to deal with my swallowed demons of my past and learn to be more level but they give me the tools in this 6 month weekly therapy in order to change myself.  If the treatment doesn't work as well as we all expect I will be put on mood altering medications to help with the effects of my borderline personality disorder.
Hope that is clearer than mud this time lol.

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Dede said...

Good Morning Sherry! So much better this time! Now you should get the help you need.