Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meditation Wednesdays

Since I have been off work I have been attending a group meditation session on Wednesday's and I have learned so much from this bunch of ladies!  Nada runs the group, feeds us and keeps us on our learning quest.  She has agreed to send me the link to any online meditations they do so I can do them once I get a sound card and Nona will grab any handouts for me.  I have had such a wonderful time with these women and am sad to be leaving them.

With that said we did a meditation on the opening of the 3rd eye chakra, now I have been told by many card readers, tea leaf reader and a psychic that I need to work on that area since it is almost ready.  So half way through the meditation I started sweating had to take my hoodie off, felt like I was going to throw up the vibrations were so strong.  As soon as the meditation was over I had to go stand outside and get fresh cooler air.  It was the most amazing meditation that I have been a part of.

We then had our healing circle for Patty's friend that is in the hospital with brain cancer helping her to find the way to a safe cross over and showing her love.  I was holding Patty's hand and towards the end of the healing meditation it was like there was a fire between our hands it was so hot it was  hard to keep our hands together.  It was so moving!

I am going to miss you ladies, well most of them LOL there are a couple I think come for the free booze that Nada always has out and the one is very loud and obnoxious. 

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Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing Sherry. I've never done a meditation group, but when I was in a coven we did meditations together. It is very powerful and transformational.