Friday, April 01, 2011

Back to the 4 letter word!

I came home from my first night back to work to 2 phone calls from my boys.  Joey started off by asking the answering machine if I was awake and to make sure I play nice and be nice to people... if you know my son, he is not the nicest to people and has been told he is a cold hearted bastard by many people lol he just doesn't give a shit really but is a great kid.
I totally forgot how to use all my computer programs and even forgot the names of the programs I used everyday for months!
What? What is that program called that has all those things on it that I need?
My friends and coworkers thought it was funny as hell, and really I was laughing too!

That's right, I had my best friend laughing her ass off and those around me that heard me asking her about that program.

Joey also told me the following...

And don't take other people's food from the fridge LOL
He loves me!
His friends will never know he loves as much as he does!


Moonwillow said...

Years ago I got laid off and decided to enjoy the summer. I finally found a job that October. My probationary period was a challenge because being laid off had turned me into a supreme dolt! Months of being a wastoid and becoming a nightowl really did me in. Common sense had gone out the window and I couldn't even perform tasks simple tasks I had previously done on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

: ) Gotta love those boys don't we. At least that's what they told me when I was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair holding a squirmy alien child while hoping my vagina would not fall off when I stood up.

Oh, is that just me?