Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A dear blog sister lost her sister to cancer yesterday and my heart cries out in pain for her loss.  I can't imagine if I lost one of mine I can only imagine the pain I would be in.  So this is a tribute to all of mine.

Sandy is 2 years younger than me she is a nurse working at a child's hospital and the things she has seen in her career I am certain I could never have gone through.  She has had 5 children with her husband, who she has dated since she was in high school and he is a terrific man!  Sadly their 3rd child wasn't born alive for us all to love but we love her in memory of what could have been.  Her other children are so wonderful, they are lively and smart and I love each of them dearly.  My world without Sandy would be very difficult.  We are not what you would call close and we live a good distance away but if she ever needed me I would drop everything to be there to help in whatever way I could.  She is a beautiful woman inside and out.

Susan is 4 years younger than I, she is married to a wonderful man and they have 3 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren, who I love a great deal as well. She met her husband in college and after a time they each had a daughter with other people and then together they have a son.  Each of these children have brought joy to our family just as Sandy's have and I am truly blessed to have both these feisty sisters in my life.  Sue is a rare find in today's world and she is a lot like my friend Faith, says what is on her mind and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.  I love her spirit!

I also have my friends Melanie, Peggy and Eva who I consider sisters in my life.  Mel and Peg have been through so much shit with me and seen me through to the other side of many of my life battles and I would and have done anything for them.  Mel battled thyroid cancer and won and Peg a cancerous growth that almost killed her from her lung up and around her esophagus.  I have the lung cancer ribbon tattooed on my wrist with her name because she beat it!  Eva is my sister in the US and there is nothing I wouldn't do for her! She has 3 wonderful daughters and a fantastic husband and many animals she has a heart the size of the USA and although we have only met one time she is so important to me!

I am also blessed to have Faith, Shannon and Jenni who are my 'witchy' sisters.  Faith and I have been friends for almost 5years and I owe her more than I could ever repay.  She has picked me up off my ass and kicked it in the direction it should be going in more times than I can count and she introduced me to her wonderful sisters Beth, Shannon and Jenni. Without them my life would not be the same. Beth is a pistol she is sharp and amazingly strong, I am so glad we met.  Shannon and I are very close and when we are together it is like no other friendship I have had.  It is like we are pieces of a puzzle and when we are together we become more alive and would do anything for each other.  Jenni is closer to Faith but it is the same thing together we are all stronger and have so much fun.

I have 2 blogging sisters the one I mentioned at the beginning of this blog and the other is fighting cancer at this time.  These women are so very important in my life they have taught me that it is OK to feel what I am feeling and talking about it can only help and fuck anyone who says different! 

Ladies this blog is dedicated to your strength, your love, your beauty and your spunk and spirits!  I love you all more than I could ever write about or tell you all.  Thank you for loving me!


Dede said...

It is always okay to feel what you are feeling, and even more okay to talk about the way you are feeling. The people that don't think so, well you don't need in your life. You are a very important part of my life! I love you Sherry.....


Laurie in TX said...

(((SHERRY))) I wish I was your sister! It sounds like you have some awesome sisters. I have one biological sister who I love dearly.

shannon said...

I kove you and thank you for both ...letting me into more of your world and getting to know you have more wonderful people in your life and for adding me to that list. You're one hell of a special lady and don't you forget that!!! love you so much!!!

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Dede, Laurie and Shannon, you are all so special in my life! love you all! Dede I hope you realize you are my blog sister! Shannon you already know you are my sister and I love you dearly and Laurie, you are my transplanted Canadian sister,
Love you all

Anonymous said...


Linda in New Mexico said...

Sherry, you are amazing and caring and Ilove you so. How very dear to give tribute to those you love. You're a gem. The Olde Bagg, Linda