Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sorry This is MOSTLY a NORMAL posting LOL

After my mostly walk/run on Saturday it made me feel really good, however I was still feeling really empty and lonely.  I received a wonderful email from my childhood friend Robin and she more or less gave me permission to be upset and lonely and depressed but when I get to THAT point, I have her phone numbers.  I haven't attempted to harm myself in 30 years or so, and knowing what it would do to my kids and my family (including friends) I just couldn't do anything but the evil thoughts happen now and then.

Anyway, that being out there, last night I went to bed fairly early and laid my head on the window sill and listened to the relaxing rain and fell into a deep and delightful sleep.  I woke up and there was like 3" of FREAKIN' SNOW  when is this going to be done? I mean really! 
Today was the day Faith and I were scheduled to go to lunch with our friend Drew's wife Dee, she is awesome and a dear friend too.  I wasn't sure if Faith left before me or was even going to go after our huge fight Friday, but she did we didn't talk much at first then we did and it was like it was normal almost.  I don't think that Faith and I will ever be as close as we once were and that is a shame but her choice.  I have no plans on moving or changing jobs and if we happen to do things together great but if not I will be ok with that too.  Friends change and move on, evolve I guess. I am content at to moment but as those who have read my blog know, HOLD ON the ride could get bumpy!  We went to Miss Thailand's for lunch it is a delightful little restaurant and the owners are so sweet, Faith and I have been there only once and it was very busy, however the owner's husband remembered us and was telling me all about their last trip to Thailand and how they have a container of items, fabrics and tapestries coming soon.  I can't wait!  He let me take pictures of the inside of the restaurant I love the Buddah's the hands of the Buddah's there is one like I have never seen before, I will post pictures tomorrow.
Blessed Be my loves!

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Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
It is SO important for people like us who have horrible struggles with mood disorders to have friends like Robin (I love that name, it reminds me of a "Robin" bird, perfect for happiness) to let us know that whatever we experience that they love us no matter what. I think about death itself and like you would never, ever act on my wishes, but I think it's understandable, we want to end the pain, not life. Keep on stitching and witching, my friend.