Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Such tragic news! Updated

My dear friend and cross stitch designer Lisa Roswell looks to be one of the people that have been swept away by the flood waters!  Please see this link http://www.sanduskyregister.com/norwalk/news/2011/feb/28/woman-trapped-car

Please pray for her family they located her car this morning and the news is NOT good.  http://www.fox8.com/weather/wjw-woman-swept-away-in-car-huron-county-txt,0,6941586.story

I have enjoyed stitching your designs, following your blog and watching your beautiful life through your pictures and our many emails we have exchanged over the years.  You are a shining star Lisa and I will NEVER forget you!  I will continue to pray for your family, I miss you Lisa!

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Laurie in TX said...

Big hugs Sherry, I know how much Lisa's passing has upset you. Know that she was blessed to have a friend as wonderful as you are...this I know to be true! <3

Love you girl xoxoxo