Sunday, February 27, 2011

weekly update

So, went to the doctor on Friday and he has, again, moved my return to work date to March 31st.  I really need the money, but it is good I am finally seeing the shrink and need to deal with all the skeleton's and ghosts I have buried long ago.

I went for an amazing walk yesterday and found this little shop run by this really great native couple, they make their own dream catchers, do repairs to other ones and have other native artists that sell their goods there.  Saw an amazing pair of muck-luc's being made.  I purchased a medicine wheel for my room, thought it was totally something I could use right now.

Although I asked Rene to come over and watch today's race I am very glad he said no I haven't cleaned a damn thing LOL guess I knew he would say no or hoped not sure.  I know it was difficult to even ask him over so I guess really I wasn't ready.  However he asked for a rain check and he still wants to do coffee soon so that is a great sign.

I think I will go get dressed and take my camera and go shoot some pictures of what I find.  Have to be back in time for my race LOL

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