Thursday, April 07, 2011

Meeting with THE Boss and a NEW Attitude! Hello Sherry!

Wednesday when I get to work, I have my 6 month revue which is funny since I've been away 3 months of it, but that's how they roll.
I am hoping to hear that they are going to change my hours and that I get my last two days of the month off to MOVE!! 
I dislike the unknown when it concerns my routine!

It is getting closer to the time to move to the floor below where my best friend lives, as i mentioned she purchased a house a few blocks away.  It is difficult to think about packing and moving shit again but I am purging as well, and that is a good thing!

If we didn't live in such a great little pocket of the city, I would have moved with her no longer living here but I am going to make it my home nothing like how she used the space.  She was not the type to sit on the BIG front porch and talk to the neighbours but I love that! 
My swing is READY for the move from the tiny back yard to the front porch and I am going to plant in all the garden beds out front too! 
outdoor canopy swing recliner
Such an adventure awaits me!  New space, a fire place (doesn't work) but always wanted one!
The kitchen is tiny, but hey honestly I HATE to cook LOL Huge livingroom, Huge diningroom and a tiny bathroom - ok that sucks and it is down stairs next to Joe's room.
Another bonus is 1 set of stairs for taking out the garbage, to go in the house, a front and back door, oh and there is a small porch on the back of the house which is MINE too!
All I need is a bbq and my back yard is complete!
Once Faith's stuff is packed on the truck I will do a smudging and once my place is cleared out and cleaned I will smudge it for the people on the 3rd floor moving to my old place.
I am going to create a witches bottle and bury it in the front yard to protect our house.
A version of a witches protection bottle.
 I am Very Excited about the changes I am making in my life!
Enjoy each moment of every minute of each day you never know when it will be gone!
Never thought I would say this and BELIEVE it!


Dede said...

Oh my friend you sound so good! The best I have heard you in a very long time! Yes change is good, no matter how hard we fight it, kicking and screaming, it usually ends up being a very good thing. You are going to love sitting on that big porch and planting your herbs you will be able to spend that much needed time outdoors. I know that I always feel so much better when I have been able to be outside for a few hours. I am just so thrilled for you!

I love you....

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!
Moving forward. If it weren't on your terms, then it wouldn't be happening! You are ready for change!
Me too I guess... I'm back!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love the swing too! I have one and can't wait to get out there and plop my ass in it. Just waiting for the siding guys to get done so I can have some privacy back there.