Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Angry Mother/Witch!!

OK, it has been almost 2 years that my son has been dating his girl Ashley.  They are both busy with school, preparing for college, Air Cadets - both are Unit Chief's for their squadrons.  Not to mention Joe has a job and spends extra time with his handicapped brother, and Ashley is in 2 or 3 different bands at school.  Both busy, both do a lot of volunteering as well.

Do you see a problem so far?  I don't I am proud as can be with both of them, oh and they have both been on the honor roll all through school.

So the reason for this rant; first her parents have told her if they BOTH go to college to the same college they are refusing to pay for her to go, I should mention they will not let her get a job.  So it is almost their 2nd anniversary of dating and her 18th birthday is now today so he bought her a SMALL and I mean small ring with 2 small diamonds entwined together one darker than the other.  Her mother freaked saying they are lying that it is just a birthday anniversary ring and yet again demanding that she break up with Joe.  They have told her they are only still together because of her, which is why they were married in the first place because she got pregnant with Ashley.

They will not allow her to come over here because they say I don't keep my eyes on them the whole time, if anyone that has seen my apartment, it is TINY you can see every room when the doors are open and I'm sorry I trust both of them.  Apparently I am a BAD mother because I trust my son.

They loved Joe in the beginning and now think he treats their daughter badly because they both joke around with each other.  Yet anytime they need work done around their home, who do they ask to do it?  That's right, my son.  I have wanted to say something to them for so long, but it would make it worse for Ashley, Joe is dying to say something but same thing.  I am tired of seeing my son so upset after he does get to see her and her father will not even talk to him more than a grunt when Joe says hello. 
I am have to keep thinking HARM NONE over and over because I want to do something or say something to them but keep swallowing it due to the kids.  They now just want to finish college, which doesn't even start until the fall so they can say fuck you and live their lives.  She is going to do another year, a 5th year of high school so she doesn't start college until Joe is done his first. 
Don't mess with a Momma Bear!
Her parents told her to look for another boyfriend while she is in her 5th year of highschool or in college and get away from Joe as he is no good.  I'M SORRY MY SON DOESN'T BEAT YOUR DAUGHTER LIKE YOUR HUSBAND USE TO BEAT YOU OR DOES WHEN HE DRINKS!!  You should be happy she is with an upstanding young man and if something comes out of this relationship GREAT if they grow apart that is their own doing.
So, FUck off and leave them alone.


Dede said...

Didn't they try to start some junk last year? You would think they would learn that all of their fussing is only going to bring them closer together. Not that it is any of their business. Mirror back spells seem to work best for situations like this one. My sister is like that with her daughter, instead of being happy that she is happy, she just fusses at her about him. Don't parents remember that their parents didn't care for their boyfriend or girlfriend either and how it made them feel? Some people just don't have enough to do. Wishing them all of the best and you a stress free week!


Diandra said...

That sucks... I guess in many families, no guy is ever good enough for the daughter. (Girls appear to be more precious, it seems - I've hardly ever heard this kind of trouble coming from parents 'protecting' their son.)

Unfortunately, there is not much to be done - neither in the mundane world nor by magic. The young people will have to sort this out on their own and just wait till they get to a place where no one can influence their decisions. But it's a good thing you are supporting them both...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they need to chill the fuck out. You ever put anyone in the freezer before(it's a spell). Perhaps now is the time.

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Thank you my dear friends!
Diandra, I was married to a guy and my mother inlaw thought no woman was good enough I am sure she still thinks that of her other sons wives she even tried breaking all of us up so the boys could be with her LOL she was a prize!!!

Ethereal said...

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