Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The "It's All About Four Freakin' Things" Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

Four Places I go:
1. Home
2. Work
3. Store
4. Beach

Four Crushes I Have:
1. Mark Harmon
2. Shemar Moore
3. Matthew Gray Gubler
4. Adam Rodriguez

Four Smells that I Love:
1. Lavender, Roses, Sage, Rosemary
2. Babies heads
3. Garlic Bread and Spaghetti sauce
4. Patchouli and other incense

Four Favorite TV Shows:
1. Criminal Minds
4. all CSI's

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Practical Magic
2. Chicago
3. Mr & Mrs Smith
4. all Harry Potters

Four Recommendations:
1. Believe in your gut feelings
2. Be Honest
3. Live like it is your last day in this life without harming anyone or anything
4. Love yourself first and foremost

Four People that I'd love to read their Fours:
1. Dark Mother even though she doesn't have her blog anymore so I shall pick a 5th
2. Mrs. B of Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom
3. Linda of Olde Baggs 'N Stuft Shirts
4. Dede of Brightest Blessings Wiccans
5. Danni of The Whimsical Cottage

Four Things about me that you don't know:
1. I'm a hopeless romantic
2. I'm a direct desendant of the Author Jane Austen on my Nanny's side of the family!
3. I wish I had a 3rd and FINAL husband who was my partner in everything
4. I love muscle cars and big trucks and you know I love Nascar LOL

Four bands that I love:
1. Sixx:A.M.
2. Hinder
3. Queen
4. Eminem

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