Saturday, May 14, 2011

Assholes, Idiots and Sluts!

removed for my own security and the eyes that tell the powers that be everything
so sucks but need the money

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Anonymous said...

I used to work at a law firm I nicknamed Ally McBeal. All the lawyers had eye candy as secretary (except for me, my boss was a kick ass woman) and most of the lawyers were fucking their secretarys or ooooogling them. I made a couple of "office friends" (meaning 2) and did my work and went home. I naturally give off the "don't bother me" vibe and I just kept away from the drama bullshit.

Sorry you work with Assholes, Idiots and Sluts.

I love the title : ) but my favorite word is whore. I call (in my head of course) 80 year old men who drive like idiots whores. It's a nice word to roll off the tongue.