Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meditation Wednesday Screw Up

Last night was meditation with the ladies of the Red Tent. 
They are a bunch of wonderful ladies ranging in age from mid 20's to over 60. 
I always feel so wonderful after our meditations, however tonight was strange. 
We did a meditation on what you, as a person wants and needs in your life, so of course with my debt I figured it would be money... DUH!

Nope as we sat in the candle light listening to the guided meditation doesn't my true want turn out to be marriage!  WHAT THE FUCK????
I have done it twice and it wasn't good for me, I ended both marriages, first one we were too young but the father of my kids, we were together over 13 years.  Mind you, he was a wonderful provider and was physically there but never there on an emotional level for the kids and I after a few years.
So as we are all coming back to the land of now, I yell out...

Followed by...

Everyone laughed, saying well if that is what you got in the meditation it has to be really what your HEART wants.  I say the above mentioned yet again!
How is this even possible?  I wasn't dropped on my head, I wasn't smoking any wacky tabaccy it just came into my heart and  to my head during meditation.
Whomever told me meditation was good for me, Damn Doctor... LIED!
Still had a great time but now I am just very confused LMAO!!
Beware of the heart meditation!  You've been WARNED!


Anonymous said...

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Stacy Evans said...

Ah, Sherry. :) You're Awesome!

On a more serious note, perhaps it isn't actually marriage that you are missing. Maybe it is something about the marriages? Something you got from both, that you aren't getting anymore? Be it something emotional, physical, or otherwise, there is obviously something about it you are trying to tell yourself that you want!

Ethereal said...

That Beaker photo is awesome! HA!