Monday, June 06, 2011

Happiness is...

If you were asked to give 10 answers to what makes you happy, could you do it?
Well, I am going to try...
  1. the bouquet of lilac's my friend gave me that is making my house smell so amazing right now!
  2. my blogger friends, and you know who you are!
  3. my son's except when 1 steals my fucking parking spot on the driveway and the other one leaves me a message drunk out of his loving mind, but I know from the call, he loves me LMAO
  4. a call from an old friend who still sends sparks throughout my lady parts after 30 years!
  5. NOT the US OPEN!!! ok that doesn't count here I will say being a WITCH!!!!!
  6. family the one I was born into and the ones that have adopted me as such!
  7. sleep, I love my bed!
  8. the smell just after a rainstorm when the earth is still wet and the trees, an added bonus is Thunder and Lightening!!!
  9. time at the beach with good friends! we have a full moon ritual coming up next Tuesday and then we are going to do a picnic and ritual for Litha at the beach as well!
  10. my cats, my ass, my hair, my friends who don't mind that I hug them at work
  11. knowing I will be getting a month paid holiday to do whatever the fuck I please within the next year!
  12. reading, I love to read murder, and if there is a knitting, stitching or just plain old death, I am down!!
  13. smudging of a spiritual church in my city, we had 13 people, more than we hoped and of course being a witch 13 is the perfect number to have! 
  14. the smell of Dragon's Blood oil, lavender, a cauldron burning sage and lavender with some sweet grass thrown in for good measure
  15. reading about pagan and wiccan things!  meeting people of different faiths and finding out hey, I am normal!  Normal in my choice of religous paths, that is...
  16. rocks, crystals so pretty so shinny not to mention spiritual and powerful
WOW I did 16 and could have done more but the fucking US Open tickets go onsale tomorrow and I will need my sleep not to be fucking bitchy and miserable all day long while people tell us we suck because there are not enough pre-sale tickets for the orders that have come in already!!!

sleep well my friends, play in your gardens, light candles, sing, dance and chant!  I want a drum!

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Dede said...

Oh Sherry, you make me laugh when you get going about your job. LOL You should think about writing a book about all of the things that happen there, oh the things you could write about during the holidays. Love you!