Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lazy Assed day

Today is my first day off of 3, I should have spent it putting laundry away or perhaps doing the dishes, but no! I woke up at 12noon then was back in bed by 12:30 until 6pm LMAO
ok maybe that's why I am fat pfft!
Yesterday I made the mistake of taking double my medication, seems it required me to sleep well and I did.  Now if the kid would come home and take the giant assed box of litter out of my truck I could clean the boxes but that will have to wait until he gets home. 
Didn't wait for the kid good thing, cats may have killed me in my sleep LOL
Wednesday is meditation night and I am so excited, it is such a wonderful time with fellow witches and pagan's we raise such amazing energies!

Blessed Be my friends!


Vicky said...

Enjoy your three days off!

Dede said...

Three days off, that is awesome! You sound so good the last month or so. Enjoy your evening with your sisters, sounds like so much fun!
love you sister, BB