Monday, July 11, 2011

Gratitude Sunday, shut up I know it's Monday now lol

Since I just got home from work and haven't slept yet, it is still Sunday in Sherryville.
I have been reading this awesome book, well 2 actually

by arin Murphy-Hiscock

by Sonia Choquette
I am learning so much from both books, but the Ask Your Guides book is now the front runner.  One of the things Sonia says is to be in touch with your guide you must say out loud what you are grateful for, so here goes:
  1. my children
  2. my family blood and other
  3. my faith in Spirit
  4. my faith in the Path that I realized was mine to walk
  5. my friends
  6. all of nature
  7. my job that pays for this wonderful apartment
  8. my truck, Morganna for getting me to and from everywhere
  9. my health even my unstable mental health
  10. communication
These are all things that are so important in my life, wow just had a feeling of a feather on the right side of my neck, anyway I love that I have this forum to vent, laugh and make new friends.  Thank you to all that comment on my blogs, it means more to me than you will ever know!

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