Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on this Awesome Site!

I met a lovely couple when I won a freebie from Irish Irish Goddess' blog, started following them on FaceBook and they are starting this amazing website!  It is called The Sacred Village.  There are buttons down the left side and I am their guest post at this time!!!
Very excited!  They are working on some awesome things, here is a quote from their new site...

"The Sacred Village is a virtual village with e-books, e-courses, a village shop full of handcrafted items, and many more exciting things to come...

A social network where you can meet new people and share your hopes and dreams along with your fears and doubts and no one will judge you.

Imagine a sacred place where you can go and speak freely about your religious beliefs, sexuality and more and never have to worry about being looked down on. That is what the Sacred Village will do for you."

Check it out and keep checking for updates!!
 I love their banner!


Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

Hey ;p!

I just stopped by to say that I think you're a woderful person and your blog is really interesting and I love your attitude.

Proudly wiccan-in-training :)!