Monday, August 29, 2011

I Wish!

Incase my friends and loved ones want to buy me something just for being a cute smartass... I am making you a picture list LOL  Aren't you lucky!  Or maybe I will be lucky!
WitchesStitchToo Homespun Elegance
VeryFaintLine My Big Toe Designs
The Raven La D Da
SpookySpotOfHalloween Midnight Stitching
SalemVillage Notforgotten Farm
RavenBewitched Blackbird Designs
QuakerWinterAcorns Midnight Stitching
QuakerMoon Bent Creek
OwlHollow The Stitcherhood
Not All Fallbrook House Needleplay
NativeRaven The Stitching Studio
MoonlitMidnight BlueRibbon Designs
LadiesNight Cross Eyed Cricket, Inc.
HauntedHillHouse Homespun Elegance
GoblinsOnParade Blackberry Lane Designs
FortuneTeller Ships Manor
CastingASpell Blackbird Designs
BoneCheeks Praire Moon
BlackCatsProwl Cherrywood Design Studio

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Damn, thought I might have had some of these in my stash to send you but nope, now I have added some of them to my wish list LOL