Friday, September 02, 2011

September? Where did Summer go?

Sitting on the porch Wednesday night with my witchy friend Michelle, we realized SHIT, it is now September! I feel like summer didn't even happen this year!

The Porch my Ass is usually on
should have read this!

Mike and his fiance moved out as planned YAY!! Although he has called 3 times, and been here twice LOL such a Momma's boy
that's my boy lol

I am so happy they are gone, they bicker like an old married couple and lay around on my couches or my porch swing every day!

now couches smell!
I now need to find a VAT of Fabreeze and soak the shit out of the couches!!

I miss the company sometimes, but glad as hell I go to work, have Facebook and have friends and of course witchy friends too!!


witchy friends!
I really do!

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Anonymous said...

You made it! Woot!