Monday, August 15, 2011

A wedding, A baby and another baby

Hello blogger friends. 
A lot has been going on in my world and its kind of taken over my life right now.
Oldest and his girl are engaged getting married Valentine's day 2012, they are expecting a baby around April.  Neither one has a job, they are living on my couches which is ending in 2 weeks because I told them they have to move, I can't handle the drama that comes with the 2 of them any more.
He is still not taking his bipolar pills on a regular basis and I can't handle it when he doesn't do it.
Rhonda is a very nice girl and I like her and I love my son but wow drama with friends etc is too much for this old bitch.  I want quiet, peace and love filling my house, not drama and negative vibes.  Oh and the other baby is my neice/daughter who is 17 and also expecting around the same time.  Wow can we all say PROTECTED SEX!! WRAP IT OR DON"T DO IT!!!
Well it is time to go to work, love and peace to you all.  Putting some pictures up to make me feel better.

Love this chicken

Native words of Wisdom

I want to live in this forest!

Love and Light


Ryan fournier said...

What's safe sex ;P haha love ya momma

Anonymous said...

Girl, I don't blame you for kicking the birds out of the nest. Time to learn some responsibility.