Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Build A Bear with Eva

Part 2 - Build-A Bear!
I took so many pictures I have to do my vacation in parts or the blog will be horrible lol
I have never been to a build a bear in my life, and Eva works at the one in Ft. Wayne, so we went to make my witch bear! These pictures are going to be in as much order as I can remember LOL
At the Mall

Eva at the mall

First time in a build a bear

helpping with the stuffing

Picked out a heart each

part of Strange ritual of filling up hearts

no idea

again ???

adding our heart beats???

kissing heart

placing hearts in bear

sewing up bear

having to hand sew bear

first bear hug

hugging naked bear

washing bear

making sure bearbutt is clean LOL

finishing bear bath

dressing bear

making sure tail is out of undies

Autumn Turtle the Witch Bear


Packing her up and paying
Eva's Build-A-Bear Store, great service and so much Fun!!!


Anonymous said...

did u wash behide j/k glade u had fun ear when u were wash her

Anonymous said...

did u wash behide her ears when u were washin her j/k glad u had fun

CircesMagic said...

You asshat! You rub the heart on your arm so she gives good bear hugs and you put it on your nose so she always knows who you are, Derrrrr.....LMAO!

Anonymous said...

First: You inspired me to build my own which I named Helga. She is wearing fancy panties, a terry cloth robe and bunny slippers.

Two: In the picture of you paying look at the symbol on the counter. It is a symbol that represents the 4 elements. I have it tattooed on my ankle as an initiation in my old coven.