Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eva my sister from another mother and country

Have you ever bonded with someone so completely that that person is like a part of you?
I have!  Eva is a beautiful tattooed mother of 3 beautiful and amazing daughters wife to a great man and has a pet problem addiction LOL 4 dogs 2 cats and huge assed fish.
It was 8 very long years inbetween visits, which will not happen again, 2 at the most from now on!  We got together this summer and it was wonderful!  I stayed for 10 days or so and enjoyed each and every one of them!  I love this bitch like crazy!  She can make me laugh out loud and smile in my soul so easily. 
Her family is the greatest and I love them all so much and miss them even more. 
I wish I was still there in Indiana, chillin' and laughing with the kids and her and the hubs!
I have already put away $10 us towards my next trip and I am hoping I can do that out of each pay until I have enough to visit again soon.  Eva you are one of the great loves of my life, thank you for being you and for loving me bat-shit crazy and all!!

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Anonymous said...

Relationships with women are good for the soul. I don't know what I would do without the Sisterwife. Even though we want to beat the shit out of each other sometimes, our history of friendship with spans decades allows us to get past all that shit.